Madrid world capital of Soccer

Our premium project for people over 45 years of age. Come play against your childhood idols and have a drink with them.

Face the veterans of Real Madrid, Atlético de Madrid or FC Barcelona in
an unforgettable comprehensive experience. Project fully adaptable to customer requirements. We prepare your completely
personalized activity package

We include as a starting point:

✓ Roundtrip flights to the country of origin and visa management.
✓ Accommodation in hotels in the center of Madrid or Barcelona
✓ Full board with typical Spanish meals: Madrid stew, paella, fried slice, tapas…
✓ Match against the veterans of any of the three teams or against all 3 if necessary.

✓ Official game clothing of the team we are facing personalized with your name and number.
✓ PWalk through the sports city and facilities of the chosen clubs.
✓ Cocktail with the players after the game.
✓ Live match at the Santiago Bernabéu, metropolitan civitas or Camp Nou
✓ Visit stadium museums.
✓ RFEF Museum and its Mungo Cup.
✓ Legends Museum La Liga.
✓ Transportation to the airport and scheduled activities.
✓ Video reminder of the event.
✓ Wine tasting.
✓ Tourist bus from Madrid or Barcelona.
✓ Medical insurance.

✓ Visit neighboring cities: Toledo, Segovia…
✓ Tickets to the bullfights.
✓ Flamenco Tablaos
✓ Prado Museum and Reina Sofía Museum.
✓ Plus experience with the chosen club: streaming of the game, speaker, cheerleaders, gifts and surprises, VIP box to watch the game live with 4 hours of open bar.