Save Football Mission

There are many countries in the world that want to develop their soccer without tools to do it, that’s why Soccernauts have a mission to save it in every corner of the universe. There are very good players who could become great stars and we want to discover them. Globalisation of our era allows us to find and develop talent and it is our responsibility to not allow it to be lost. Join our mission!

Football Next Foundation

We represent the foundation “Fooball Next Foundation” in Spain, although of Indian origin … here we have created a permanent delegation to manage different events between Spain and India, however, soon we will start other social projects in different countries of the world where we are needed.

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Around The World

Football is the most international of sports, millions of people in many countries in the world resonate with our League. We export our sports project to Indonesia, South Africa, Mauritius, Bermuda, Australia, Canada … and we are interested in working in more countries with less sporting tradition where we can discover new talent and give them the opportunities they do not have now.

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Scouting Event

The Premier League is looking for young talent in Spain. With Pola de Lena and SD Lenense Proinastur as the center of operations, in June 2018, we will hold a macro event in which the best clubs in Asturias and neighboring areas will participate. The winners will advance through the rounds to a final phase which will be attended by scouts from important English clubs. We will be able to see the young talent from the area that will have the opportunity to be signed by professional English teams.

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Stand out as a footballer and have opportunities at professional clubs in Spain.
Soccernauts brings together young football players from all over the world, forming
a powerful team, playing against professional Spanish teams that are looking to sign
new players for the winter market.

Road to Spain

It is the initiative that is working in India, where young players are undergoing different tests. The chosen ones, will soon arrive in Spain to work with professional teams in Spain, such as the Arandina C.F. who are in the 3rd division, the CDA Navalcarnero in 2nd division B, SD Lenense Proinastur and many other professional Spanish clubs participating in La Liga that open their doors to us.
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Kashmir in Lena

The difficult political situation in the Kashmir region of northern India, together with SD Lenense Proinastur, a team from the region of Asturias promote a social program, whereby 20 children between the ages of 10 and 14 are able to come to Pola de Lena to get to know Spanish football and our way of life for two years. Currently, the project is in the youth selection phase, through a large tournament involving 1,200 schools in the area.
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No star can shine like all of the stars together …
That is why, if we want to strengthen football, we have to join forces! We offer you options to collaborate and we are always open to new proposals. You can write to us at this email address.

As An Investor

Have you always heard that football is big business, but you never thought that you could invest in this sport and that you could make money? Obtain tax benefits or social capital gains by investing your money in our Foundation or in one of our companies, becoming part of the shareholders. Find out and invest with us, your money is guaranteed.
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As A Donor

If you are passionate about football and want to boost sports development in different countries, you can complete our application form and we will contact you to welcome you into our mission.
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As A Soccernauts Franchisee

Create your own soccernauts recruitment agency in your country. Make football your business. Give other young people like you the opportunity to come to Spain to live the same experience that you have lived. We give you all the necessary legal support, all the communication tools and the training that you will need to promote your project in your country.
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As A Promotor

We bring the Real Madrid Campus experience or the one from F.C. Barcelona to your country. Soccer camps at any time of the year, in which coaches from Real Madrid or F.C. Barcelona will teach the children the training methodology from the best clubs in the history of world football. You can also promote legends matches between Real Madrid and / or Barcelona, ​​against local legends teams in your country. Figo, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, can play in your country and you can become a professional promoter of sporting events.
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