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Which clubs can I train with

Depending on your age and sports level you can train with one club or another. If you are over 18, we work with some clubs and if you are younger, with other clubs. This program is very exclusive and not everyone can access it. To designate a club, we first have to know if you have the right level to fit in with the training.

Which services are included in the price?

In the basic package we offer you accommodation with host families who perfectly assume their role, including wifi, laundry, cleaning (Note!!! You are not living in a five star hotel, you come to adapt yourself to the way of life of a family that will try to give you the best); Food, transportation to the airport and training, accident insurance, training with a professional club and our sports advice and help to get a professional contract. We write the letter of invitation that you will need in order to apply for a visa, which is an expense in addition to those of flights, that are not included in the service. Our Premium services can be contracted separately.

If I don't like the club where I'm training. Can they offer me another one?

Enabling our clients to have a satisfactory experience is part of our success, we always try to assign you to a club that needs a player with your characteristics and that allows you to learn and grow. We do not make club changes, unless you are willing to pay an extra charge.

And if I don't like the family?

If for reasons beyond our control you want to change family (living with uneducated, you have personal problems with them, you are unable to eat what they cook, etc …), we can manage the change within 48 hours after your arrival.

If I get injured. Will I receive a refund?

If your injury, or any other problem that prevents you from coming on the agreed date, occurs before arriving in Spain, we can save the money for another occasion when you have recovered. Bearing in mind that when you book our program, we put everything in place to make sure all is perfect: Personal, host families, clubs … for that reason no refunds are made, but you can enjoy it at any other time. If your injury occurs during your stay, we will give you all the tools for your recovery, depending on the severity of the injury and the recovery time, we will seek a satisfactory solution for everyone.

What are the steps to follow to get to Spain?

In the moment you are clear that you want to come and work with us, we will do a Skype interview, we will give you the different options of clubs and families and we will sign a contract. Then we will help you to manage the visa in case you need it to enter Spain, once you obtain it, we will receive 100% of the full amount. To finish, you will have to buy the plane tickets for the dates that we offer you so that there are no problems with the clubs. Before buying tickets you must always check the dates with us, we can not be held responsible in case you buy the tickets on dates when, for example, there is no training.

How will I know if a club wants to sign me?

The objective of this program is not to “sell” a sports stay in Spain, but to put soccernauts in contact with clubs interested in signing players, our desire is to get a professional contract for you with our intermediation, either in Spain or other countries. For that reason, from the first day we will be in contact with clubs to know if they are interested in you.

Soccerland Mission

What does the trip include?

In our sports tourism stage all expenses that exist from when the player gets off the plane until he gets back on board are included. Accommodation, food, transport, videos, 3 friendly matches against professional teams, training with our certified coaches, tactical sessions, coaching sessions, training with the coaches of Barca or Real Madrid in the sports city of both teams (according to the choice of each group), tours of the Santiago Bernabeu and the Nou Camp, a live Real Madrid or FC Barcelona match(depending on the choice of each group), visit of the RFEF museum to see the World Cup, tourist visits of Madrid, Barcelona and a third city (Oporto, Granada … always looking for a club in which there are players of the same Nationality of the group), relaxing day in gymkana (zip-lining, climbing wall, archery …) We organize some parallel activities for parents and companions such as a visit to Toledo, winery, wine tasting…

Where do the boys stay in each city? How many children per room?

Depending on the time of year and the availability, we will house the players in one residence or another. In Madrid, we usually put the players up in the UCJC residence or Urban Camps. In Barcelona the players are accommodated in youth hostels. Depending on each facility, the boys share a room in pairs or groups of three.

How do they move between cities?

Buses, although if the group is small, we use cars.

Who and how is the safety of the children guaranteed during the trip?

For all children, accident and sickness insurance covers absolutely any problem: from lost luggage, to basic medical care due to a cold, to the repatriation of the body to the country of origin. Insurance is usually contracted with Europe Assistance. The insurance is contracted from the moment the children arrive in Spain until they return.

Where do children eat?

Depending on the work day, we eat in the residence or hotel, in quality serviced areas if the meals are during trips and occasionally a picnic is made, for example, to watch live football. Always at the usual eating hours.

Who cares for the children during the whole trip?

Spanish legislation requires that there be an adult qualified to take care of a specific number of children. The presence of these monitors 24 hours a day is included in the price.

Can I join a group that is already formed?

Yes, we have groups of different ages in which we can always include players individually. You can download the planning for the already confirmed groups and join us. Enjoy the experience by meeting young people like you from other countries.

How are payments made?

Always in advance, 100%, we sign a contract with you to reserve a place in which we guarantee all the services.

Player 23 Mission

By taking your courses, will I be able to referee registered matches?

There is no official degree of referee, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport does not recognize it. It does recognize, for example, the qualification of coach (sports coach), but not that of referee. Football Federations organize their courses to enroll and train referees who work in their competitions. In the same way, we, as a private company, organize courses and train referees to work in the 8,000 matches we cover each year. If you dream of refereeing in the Champions League final someday, it will not be through us, if you are looking for a job for a lifetime, we are your solution.

When is the next course?

We hold courses almost every month, since we need to screen the organisation almost continuously. The next course will be at the beginning of September.

Once the course is over, do you guarantee a job?

Yes, we consider that everyone who invests in our courses does so because they consider themselves capable of being a referee. Through our contract, we guarantee that you will have work, at least, until you earn €500. Then you decide if you want to continue.

Refereeing is a black market?

No, we have two options for you to work with us:

  1. By means of a voluntary contract in a sporting event in which your remuneration is in terms of subsistence allowances and travel that you avoid tax and have accident insurance.
  2. By means of a part-time employment contract in which you will have social security contributions, unemployment insurance, etc., like in any other job.

What are the courses?

The courses have a theoretical part of 20 hours and another tutored practical part of 20 hours. The theoretical part is held at our premises, equipped to the effect in which we will teach you the regulations of 11-a-side football,7-a-side football and 5-a-side football in a practical way, we will talk about the psychology of refereeing and how to solve difficult situations, we will talk about drafting minutes, signalling, positioning etc.

The practical part is done in two phases. The first, refereeing of children’s tournament in the Real Madrid Foundation in Valdebebas and the second phase in our competitions where we work, always supervised by our coordinators, who explain what aspects you can improve.

How much do the courses cost?

We charge for the courses because we believe that people who invest in their futures are the ones who have a real interest. It does not make sense to offer a free course so that later you will not do it. The cost is €180 and within the price of the courses, we include:

  1. A uniform of the organisation. Whistle and cards.
  2. 25 hours of theoretical training and 20 hours of practical training.
  3. A regulations dossier.
  4. Health insurance and sick pay. Each time you have an incident, even if it is not during the match, you will have the right to obtain compensation, for example, for flu for a week that prevents you from working, you recover the money invested.
  5. Contractually, we guarantee that you will work for us at least until you earn €500, at your own pace and adapting to your possibilities.

Where are the leagues located?

We mainly cover the Madrid center, inside the M40 ring road, although we also work in other locations such as Móstoles, El Álamo, Pozuelo, Las Rozas, etc. We only work in competitions where we have the total protection of the referee guaranteed in terms of physical security and payments to workers. Zero non-payments in 14 years.

I want to hire you, I am a league, what are your differentiating elements?

14 years of work, our customers are best guarantee … Real Madrid and Real Madrid Foundation, Banco Santander, La Razón, Municipalities of Móstoles, Navalcarnero, El Álamo, Centro Asturiano de Madrid, Red Fútbol Siete, Sparta, Liga for all, Pozuelo CF … and many more … 8,000 games a year, professional companies in the sector in terms of staff availability, billing, “cooling”, refereeing incompatibilities, seminar with new regulations for teams, referees hired for the organizer’s peace of mind, agreements with different universities and TAFAD centers for referee training.

Save Football Mission

How can I invest in football?

Our sports project is open to everyone and you can buy a percentage of our shares that we will use to boost the project and return you an annual interest of 10%, whatever your investment. Soccer is a big business, help us grow and you will get safe profits.

Can I make a donation?

Yes, before doing so, we will present the different social projects we are working on so that you can choose where you want us to allocate your donation.

I am a football entrepreneur in my country, can I collaborate with you?

Undoubtedly, you can do it in different ways, either as an exclusive licensee in your country or as a time collaborator. There are important commissions for you that we will explain depending on the market in which you work.

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